Soft Cyclone


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  • 2xEP Cassette [SPECBLIS005]
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    Side A: Grape Steam
    Side B: Soft Cyclone

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"Supercharged rainbows push forward without knowing the outcome. A long, familiar road stretches into a glitching sunset, breaking apart with each shimmering, equal chord.
A tape rewinds to reveal the mundanity of your afternoon. Hesitantly at first, but then with more confidence, a zither takes up a slow dance with a harp, preoccupied with its own rhythms. The harp’s lazy ramble finishes with a knowing wink, its smooth arm brushed by the side scrolling of toppling gold coins."

"There’s much more to this solo project by Canada’s TELOZKOPE than the vaporwavey package might suggest and the music of this Winnipeg citizen deserves a better background than soundtracking the ad for some swimming trunks. But that’s the dude’s vision so we have to go with that. Soft Cyclone is rich with ideas, from the vaguely oriental harps and ancient string incantations on “ByzantineCaves” to a pretty dank trapbient on “c r e p u s c u l a r R O A M”, which sounds like a collab between Zomby and Fatima Al Qadiri. And the closing “Derealization” could easily be lifted off a Joanna Newsom album. All-around awesome. Recommended!"

カナダのトラックメイカーTELOZKOPEの新作Soft Cyclone。冒頭の「庭 { d r i b b l e }」で使われている、正月のCMで流れる琴のような音色はぼんやりとした和を感じさせる。川のせせらぎも相まって癒しも〜なんだけど「◰ c r e p u s c u l a r R O A M ◲」の怪しいボーカルが入った不穏な曲もあったりで、〜〜なアルバムとは言い難い。多作なトラックメイカーなので次の作品も楽しみに。

"There is one reason I haven’t linked Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Telozkope to the above-mentioned organics of Astroシャーマン, and that very reason is a dedicated review of the viridian potassium decortication called 庭 {Dribble} which unites the artist’s coruscating chromaticity of the coppice called Equanaimo (Spectral Blissonance Ltd, 2014) with the seemingly colder but still tropical hoarfrost halides in Frozen Prism (Dream Catalogue, 2014). Right from the get-go, 庭 {Dribble} spawns the polyhedric puissance of a Trinidadian Calypso steel pan and pours it into a chiptune-infested bleep cataract complete with organic estuaries, rubicund bass lavabos and many interstices for the reverberations to reflect the incandescent isospins back into the lacunar physiognomy of the arrangement. Mystical quiescence and jocund scrimshaw remainders coalesce in a harmonious way, nothing feels forced nor de trop. A superimposition of a punctilio suntrap and an oneiric orifice, 庭 {Dribble} exhales Exotica but keeps the tacky tentacles to itself."

Artwork by L.H.


released March 26, 2015



all rights reserved


TELOZKOPE Winnipeg, Manitoba

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